Feb 20, 2015

How can I create My New Blog?

Blogging is one of the most famous, creative & also powerful social media communication in this world. & any one can Earn from blog, too.
Today, friends I try to show you some simple step to create your own Blog. Here It is.
To create your own blog you must need a gmail account.
Now go to google.com & click Apps button.
Click "More" & Select Blogger.

Now you need to Sign in with your Gmail account.
After successful Signing you see your Blogger Dashboard, here you want to click “New Blog” button

& than open a new widow ( Blogs list > Create a new blog). Choose a Title for your blog & select your blog address & than click “Create blog” button.

Now you see your blog name in your blog Dashboard. Click your blog name.
This is your blog’s Overview, here you found various option for use your blog. Click Posts button to posts your article.
Click Layout, Template, Settings….. for decorate your blog.
Thanks for read this article, hope your good Blogging.