Feb 18, 2015

How can I Set Up my oDesk payment method?

When my oDesk account is 100% ready & need to add my payment method. Here I say you two ways that how can you do it.

You need a Local Bank Account, which bank has online banking system. You need a SWIFT code(it is your Bank’s online identity).
If you have a online bank account with SWIFT code than what can you do?

Simple Log In your oDesk account > go to Profile > Edit settings > Get Paid > Add a Payment Method > Set Up a method what you need.

When you click Set Up Button than you need to fill up a from & need some data for this from

* Bank SWIFT Code
* Account Currency  [Taka(BDT)]
* Account Number [your bank account number]
* Branch Name
* Branch Address
* Name on Account [ account holder name]
* Address [ account holder address]
* City and State/Province [ account holder address]
*Phone Number [880][**********]
*Remittance information [optional]
If all is complete than click SAVE button.

*** & Other simple way is to add Payoneer as your payment method. At first create an account for a MasterCard that You may create from here.

No bank account required and the card can be used to make purchases or withdraw cash worldwide where MasterCard is accepted. Their My Account tool allows you to fully manage your account online and I'd really like to recommend Payoneer to you. It's a great way for professionals and small businesses to get paid by companies abroad. Sign up now
Once you get a Payoneer MasterCard you can add it as your Payment Method. It is so simple & so easy.

For more I'm always try to with you.


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