Mar 21, 2015

A new way for oDesk freelancer to apply for jobs

  • As early as March 31, 2015, everyone will use Connects to apply for jobs. You will be automatically enrolled in the FREE Freelancer Basic membership, which comes with 60 Connects per month
  • Connects: A new way to apply for jobs
    We’re introducing Connects to help qualified applicants stand out. You’ll use these virtual tokens to apply for jobs, and will get a monthly allotment of Connects that will replace your weekly job application quota.

  • Freelancer Memberships.
    All freelancers will belong to a membership plan. By default, you'll automatically be enrolled in the Freelancer Basic plan, which is free and comes with 60 Connects per month. If you’re more active, for $10/month you can upgrade to the Freelancer Plus plan, which includes 70 monthly Connects, freedom to purchase and roll over your Connects, and other premium benefits.
These programs will take effect as early as March 31, 2015. We'll notify you on the day they become available and ask you to confirm your membership plan. You'll have the option to upgrade to the Freelancer Plus plan or stay with the Basic plan.

If you make no selection, you'll automatically stay on the Basic plan, which gives you 60 Connects that you can immediately start using for your job applications. You can change your plan at any time.

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