Mar 20, 2015

Classified Advertising_2

Friends here I try to show all step to post in craigslist. But first of all you need some tools for it.
what's tools you need? You can see this article to know about this.

ok, now here I show you can you do it. change you IP address & than go to>
Select you posting country & city
click "post to classifieds"
Choose category (Here I choose "for sale by owner" as example)  where you post your ad & than click "continue" button
Now you want to choose sub category (Here I choose "barter" as example) & than some time you may want to click "continue" button or some time no need it will automatically done
Some time you want to choose the location that fits best or some time it do not.
Now you are in the last step on your posting, fill carefully all contact info,  here you need to know one thing that is don't fill those information that are no necessary to you for your advertising  & than click "continue" button
After that you see a new window where you can attach picture if you have any images than you click add images button & after adding images you click done with images button  or if you have not any images than just click "done with "images" button.
& here you see a unpublished draft for your ad, Now you just click "publish" button.
After click Publish button you see the confirmation window that shows>>
Now you open your gmail & see a new mail from craigslist.
You open the mail & click the link for verify your ad
After click the link you see another new tab where you need to confirm their terms of use, you just click "ACCEPT the terms of use"
You done everything & get your posting link
Mind it some times your ads need 30 minutes to live.


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