Jun 13, 2015

Create a facebook fan page

What is a Facebook Page?

A facebook page is a single page where you can share & talk about any particular subject that you want – a celebrity, a blog or whatever you desires. Think of it as one page meeting place, with information, links, message and anything else you want.

How can create a fan page?

1. Log in your facebook page.

2. Go to the create fan page link on facebook & select what type page you want to create.
3. Choose your category & fill other & then click “Get Started” Button.
4. Enter your website or blog description & the url address. These information will appear on your page. After you have finished, click ‘save info’.
5. You will be transferred to the next page & here you want to ‘upload an image’ for your fan page or skip it to upload image later. Choose any option from two ‘upload from computer or Import from website & here you also want to do some extra work, like the three stapes shown by three pictures. 
6. Now you are transferred to your new Fan page. To “manage” your information, click on the “manage” Button at the top right corner of the page.

Now you want to create your own web or blog if you did not have.


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