Jun 6, 2015

Some tips for a new freelancer

If you are a beginner as a freelancer, You must need to know some tips. All at first you need to show yourself.

You want a to make a marketing/business plan and also need to plan your day schedule. And some specialty.

Here I try to describe some tips, hope this will help you.

1) Use social media

Social media is where many relationships are made these days. No matter which country you live in, using social media can connect you to potential clients and partners all over the world. Twitter is a must, and you should consider Facebook and Linkedin and also forums related to your business. If you are a designer consider having a look at Tumblr, deviantArt and YouTube as well. In several of these media you can advertise for your own business as long as you make sure to not spam it too much.
2) Make your own blog/website
In this Internet age that we are, having a website of your own can mean a whole lot. Not only does it make you look more professional but it is also a gateway to new clients. Many do surf the net to find people for their next projects and if they can’t find you online they won’t know you’re there.
3) Update your website regularly
Do you already have a blog or website? – Its great! But to maximize its value to you it’s very important to update it regularly. If new clients visit your site and see that you haven’t updated the content for a very long time, that might just be the reason for them to choose someone else instead. Updating regularly will require an hour of your time every now and then but can pay back multiple times rewarding you with new clients.

4) Give your blog/website visitors something free
Giving something extra to the visitors on your website always is a good thing. If you work as a SEO you can for example consider putting up some free high PR dofollow forum sites list or dofollow Blogs links or Social bookmarking sites list etc. This will give your site more visitors and potentially more clients for you. Or how about offering every visitor a percentage off on their first order with you? Again, this could be the extra thing needed to stand out to new clients.
5) Be creative
There are many ways to be creative, to get new clients or to make better use of equipment and office space. Some examples can be to upgrade an existing computer if you can’t afford a new one, redecorate a spare room if you can’t afford the rent for an office outside of your home. Add a new product or service to your current list or ask friends or family if they know anyone that may be in need of your services. The options are many, all you need is to try think a bit.

6) Work, when you are at work
If you have decided to work from lets decide and say “when you can” in every day, then do so. If you have errands to run, private mail accounts to check, private phone calls to make and so on, these will quickly eat of your much-needed work time. Make a promise to yourself to only do this when you are not supposed to work, as in before or after work or during your lunch break. It may not seem that much to you, but there are several great freelancers getting their days completely messed up because they were not good enough at managing their time properly.
7) Be professional in every ways
You have the blog, the website, the logo and so on and things are starting to look pretty good. Remember to also meet clients with respect, look presentable and be polite. Being your own boss doesn’t mean you can talk or act in any way and still keep your clients.
If you don’t have the time for another client at the moment, it’s important to be able to realize it and say no. It is the most fair thing to yourself, your existing client and the new ones that knock on your door. Worst case scenario is saying yes to too many and it having consequences for existing clients. You always want to make sure you have enough time to give your current clients the best service you can. A client too many could be the thing that lowers the quality of all your work.

9) Take the time you need!
It can’t be mentioned enough that this is so important. Same as with the tip about learning to say no. Once you have said yes to a project you need to make sure that you take the time needed to do the best you can do. Handing over a project that is half done will not only give you a client who won’t come back, but it can give you a bad reputation. Your clients are your best references to show in the future and no one want a freelancer who leaves the work half-finished.


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