Jun 28, 2015

What does XML mean?


The definition of XML is "Extensible MarkupLanguage."

Since custom tags can be used to support a wide range of elements. Each XML file is saved in a standard text format, which makes it easy for software programs to parse or read the data.

Therefore, XML is a common choice for exporting structured data and for sharing data between multiple programs.

XML is used for storing structured data, rather than formatting information on a page.

XML was designed to describe data, with focus on what data is.

Maybe it is a little hard to understand, but XML does not DO anything.

The following example may help you to understand that stored as XML:

  <heading>Love You</heading>
  <body>I Love You!</body>

It is important to understand that XML is not a replacement for HTML. In most web applications, XML is used to describe data, while HTML is used to format and display the data.


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