Jun 26, 2015

What is Broken Link

What is Broken Link?

Broken link is nothing but When in Internet Research we clicked on a link if it opens Page can't be displayed then that link is called as Broken link.

It refers to a hyperlink which does not work. It is either pointing to a url or file name that is no longer there or pointing to one that was never there.

Broken links are text hyperlinks that typically links to another online document, such as a webpage, PDF file, video, Excel spreadsheet etc. which when clicked doesn't lead to the correct destination.

So, A broken link is a link that doesn't work, often resulting in an error page. A broken link happens when the link points to a web page that has been deleted or moved.

Why is it important to fix a broken link?

Links that are broken will effectively stop search engines from completely indexing a website.  Fixing or removing broken links from website allows search engines to completely index and tells search engines that the website is not being neglected. As part of the optimization process we will test our Website's links and repair or remove any broken ones.

Reason/cause of broken link:

Here some Reasons/causes of Broken links:

Improperly coded link tags -

Make sure you're using correct HTML for your linking tags. For google, for instance, make sure your code is as follows:

Click here to Search <a href="http://www.itechseofreelancer365.com/">iTech SEO Freelancer!</a>

The site your linking to has change the URL for whatever page you're trying to link to -

If the links are valid, make sure that the pages you're linking to are still there. Sometimes websites change the page locations. Like, if I was linking to "yahoo.com/answers" and yahoo changed it to "yahoo.com/questions", my "/answers" link would no longer be valid.

There might be the space between the link in this case 404 error page will come

E.g www.or kut.com

External websites that have gone offline.

One of the most common reasons for a broken link is that the web page to which it points no longer exists.


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