Jul 17, 2015

17 Common Mistakes That Are New Affiliate Marketers Make

Big Common Mistakes That Are New Affiliate Marketers Make:

Not understanding affiliate budget: Budgeting for affiliate marketing programs can be complicated. If you don’t plan properly, your affiliate program could turn into a negative-ROI venture. Take time to understand all costs, create a forecast, and update it regularly. And don’t forget to fund your account!

Selling Rather Than Helping: Yes, the word “marketing” is part of the phrase affiliate marketing, but for the most part, our job as an affiliate is not to sell — that is the job of the sales page our affiliate links lead the reader to.

Not testing: It’s hard to know what works for your specific brand, product, or niche, in the affiliate channel so testing is necessary. Test different types of campaigns in the affiliate space, including view-through, display and email.

Nothing breaks a reader’s trust more than being led to a promotion that will blow up their inbox. Put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer and see what will happen if they follow your advice.

Focusing on quantity over quality: When you launch a program, determine if gross volume is more important than cost-effectiveness. These goals lead to two separate channel strategies. If you’re solely pursuing quantity over quality, you risk casting too wide of a net and may over-extend your program. If your goal is to recruit new publishers, activate inactive joined publishers, optimize revenue generated by those with more potential, develop a strategic plan rather than trying to do everything at once.

Not nurturing affiliate relationships: Affiliate relationships take time. Advertisers should treat affiliates as an extension of their own sales force. After all, affiliates are your brand ambassadors, and seeing them as your employees will go a long way in ensuring that your brand is represented appropriately.

Unclear terms for publisher engagement: Set clear terms and conditions and communicate those to the affiliates to maintain program quality. If your product or service requires affiliate education, provide an introduction in the program description with resources to learn more. Make sure terms are clear for what types of actions are commissioned, what types of products are not commissioned, and what the search bidding rules are.

Small effort but big payout: Everyone on the Internet sees it at least once per day, “work 15 minutes per day, earn millions”, “become a rich man by working 30 minutes a day”, and so on. The biggest problem with it is that it is simply not true. There is no easy road, just remember “per aspera ad astra”. Work hard, work smart, educate yourself, keep working on your business model, and you will soon get on the road to success.

Giving up: Never do this! Giving up is the number one mistake an affiliate marketer can do. Everyone knows that the road to success is not paved with “i give up” and “i can’t do it” bricks. If you want to succeed, you have to forget about certain phrases like “i can’t” “i won’t” and similar negative ones. You want to succeed, so keep at it! You might have failed a few times or have little to show from your hard work, never succumb to the pressure and don’t let the bad times crush your will and spirit to succeed. Whenever you feel as if the world around you is falling apart and it makes you want to quit, try to clear your mind and relax.

Too many affiliates programs: Don’t overload yourself with many affiliate programs. Joining every affiliate program is counterproductive. Try to focus on one who suits you the best. Choose your affiliate program according to your niche you write about. Firstly, think about it and choose the right program wisely. Hopefully two or three programs at the same time to enable you turn your hard work into money.

Not focusing on one niche: Another mistake affiliate newbies make is promoting everything, not focusing on one niche and its products. Focus on a tiny niche, the narrower and tinier the niche is, the better.

Not tracking: When you make a sale, you want to know where the sale came from. You need to know this, because then you can find out which pages are converting well. Afterwards you should scale and grow that successful campaign.

Creating a unique tracking ID for an Amazon link is easy. Simply log in to your Amazon affiliate dashboard, click “Account Settings” at the very top on the right, then click “Manage Tracking IDs”. From there you can make a new tracking ID so you can track which web page/campaign sold what.

Believing that there is lots of site traffic: The traffic is going to a website itself. Believing this statement is a mistake because it’s a myth. You have to do something to get traffic to your website. People can find your site on web search engines like Google, Yahoo, Baidu, Bing...You have to work hard, use SEO techniques to get your page to the first page in the search results and plan your ads effectively.

Make false claims: If you’re new and you want to promote products in the Make Money Online arena, don’t make false claims that it made you money. In fact, don’t make false claims at all!

Like, A person publishes a post complaining that they can’t make a dime online. But in their signature line they have something along the lines of “I Made 50 Million Dollars with This” followed by their affiliate link.

Promoting low-value products: When bloggers try to lure their audience in with cheap products, it never works. Your conversions will always be low. Don`t break the trust of your readers and only promote high-quality hot-selling products and services.

Right keyword: The biggest mistake affiliate marketers make is that, they don’t do the right keyword research. Keyword research is the foundation of your SEO efforts and so many people don’t realize that.

Don’t compare a product with other products: Don’t forget to use the power of comparison. When people are interested in buying something, the first thing they do is research. After some time, they will reduce their selection to a maximum of three. So, that leaves three products for them to choose from.

Promoting irrelevant programs: Promoting as many affiliate programmers as possible in an effort to maximize your revenue streams may sound appealing to new affiliate marketers just starting out. However there will come a point where your site will lose its focus, particularly if you are trying to adhere to all of these programmers. As a result, content quality will suffer, alienating your hard-earned traffic which will eventually drive them away.

If affiliate marketers can prevent these mistakes, then they may receive an upcoming in Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing requires focus, self-motivation, persistence and patience to reach a goal of generating income.


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