Jul 11, 2015

What does an SEO specialist need to do?

Briefly, an SEO specialist tries to get a site ranked as high as possible on targeted search terms. The effort to do this includes research, analysis, creativity, knowledge and a lot of grunt work.

And hopefully he/she makes your business more profitable, by bringing targeted traffic to your site and helping you convert that traffic into business.

He organizes the Internet to get high rankings on Google.

Years of SEO Experience: An SEO expert with many years of experience will be able to look at any website and know exactly what needs to be done for it to gain more search engine traffic, while someone new at SEO will try the same things on every site, which will only have a limited effect, if any.

An Understanding of All Three SEO Levels: Search engine optimization involves three tiers:

Technical (the structure of a site, which can determine how easy or difficult it is for search engines to crawl and index your content)

On-page optimization (the use of such elements as keywords and HTML tags in ways that help increase search engine traffic to your site)

Off-page optimization (such as link building).

If search engines can't access all the content on a website or some content is buried too deeply in the site, then anything else done on the website will be useless in terms of SEO success. This means that all SEO consultants or companies need to understand all the technical limitations and issues that search engines may have and they need to be able to articulate those to the developers of your website so that the issues can be minimized.

A Proven Track Record of SEO Success: There are tons of blog posts and articles that describe various SEO tactics one can use. But it's another thing to have happy clients. Anyone looking to hire an SEO consultant or company should definitely check at least three fairly current references to discuss how the SEO company helped them succeed.

Marketing Savvy: Content needs to be written in a way that outlines the benefit to the user while leading them to a sale. And it all has to be done in a way that also appeals to the people at the other end of a search engine who are looking for what your company has to offer.

A Well-rounded Perspective and Knowledge: Today's SEO needs to understand all of marketing at a deep level, the psychology of the human race, the specific culture to whom they're marketing, the social media landscape, web analytics, web design and development, viral marketing, content, product, business models and more. When we disconnect SEO from these other critical practices, we make short-term decisions that can ultimately hurt more than they help.

An Understanding of the Big Picture: Bottom of FormTop of FormBottom of Form Does the SEO focus on conversions (converting a visitor to your site into a customer), or are they more concerned with search engine rankings? the focus of any SEO strategy should be to accomplish a goal (like increasing conversions), not to achieve a certain rank.

The Capability to Fit in With Your Company's Culture: SEO experts must interact with many different areas of a business including IT, marketing, customer service, analytics, and sales. The ability for the SEO to work well with members of these teams is essential.

Excellent communication skills: Speaking of communication style, an SEO needs to be able to clearly communicate why a change must be made to your website in terms that everyone understands, So, They need to be able to communicate why a certain change needs to be made in terms that everyone understands. They should be able to talk to the IT team and the C-level team and get their point across.

A passion for execution: SEO experts who love to get things done efficiently usually make for ideal consultants. Great SEOs find ways to work around challenges and roadblocks.This means that your organization must enable progress and not impede it or you'll break their spirit and desire to impact the company positively.

Curiosity: While knowledge is certainly important, curiosity is essential, too. Finding an SEO who can recite the IP addresses for all of Google's crawlers is great, but one who's deeply curious and constantly investigating how that crawler works is even better.

An SEO Specialist is Constantly Monitoring Changes: The specialist is not required to know, without fail, exactly what is happening with the algorithms of every major search engine.

Is an Early Adopter: Sticking with what the specialist knows, in terms of new tools, websites, and features of search, is a tried and true way of making an SEO specialist irrelevant and ineffective.

Actually Optimizes: All SEOs are concerned with website optimization, but an SEO specialist actually optimizes. The specialist has their own testing ground where he or she can immediately implement.

Shares Knowledge: An SEO who refuses to share their knowledge does little for their credibility and trust as a service provider. The SEO specialist shares knowledge openly, with the awareness that being open with that knowledge does not diminish their value, but rather, enhances it.

Do not make SEO guarantees for ranking, Only guarantee what’s in your control.

Plan Ahead for implementing the best marketing steps and future SEO Initiatives.

Consults on how to best utilize other Client-owned domains under their owenership.

A search engine optimization specialist helps increase the overall ranking of websites and blogs on major search engines. A search engine optimization (SEO) specialist will also research keywords and competitor websites in the interest of positioning a site or a blog in such a way so as to outrank the positioning of other similar sites or blogs and increase the revenue a web property earns.

Most search engine optimization specialists are self-employed and many work from home or other independent locations. Independent webmasters often train themselves to optimize their own websites, but many hire a search engine optimization specialist to assist in the building and maintenance of their website or blog. Due to the nature of this career, an SEO specialist must be a strong writer who is able to produce engaging and grammatically correct content while implementing highly targeted keywords that will attract visitors. Ultimately, it is the webmaster’s goal to turn such visitors into customers who will pay for a featured product or service. At the very least, it is hoped that visitors will explore the advertisements featured on a website or a blog since advertisers are willing to compensate site owners for directing web traffic to them.

In addition to strategically using keywords in the content that is crafted for a website, a search engine optimization specialist will also work to assure that keywords appear in places like the titles and the descriptions that accompany websites. As they do in web content, these subtle keyword placements help search engines recognize and categorize a website or blog so it can offer the most useful search results based on individual queries. An SEO specialist may have to periodically edit a site’s optimization to bypass competitors and achieve a high search engine ranking.


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