Aug 4, 2015

Advantages of using HTML emails

Advantages of using HTML emails:

Email ad campaigns (spam or even opt-in promotional lists) use HTML email extensively and report good results with it. That is because these campaigns directly target the user with very specific items they are interested in. The sender of these emails has collected large amounts of data (via cookies, tracking images and you guessed it - HTML email) to write an HTML message that will nearly guarantee a sale.

HTML email allows marketers to condition a viewer's response, guiding a recipient's eyes through the message with a carefully crafted template or highlighting interactive features such as buttons or links.

This encouragement allows companies advertising via the free applications to send you HTML email with the great expectations that you will be using HTML email to help them out in their privacy invasion and tracking statistics.

HTML email messages can have really cool looking displays and catch the reader's attention, much better than plain text email.

People live in an HTML world. We experience pictures, colors, boxes, sizes in a way that HTML allowed.

One of the golden rules of marketing is tracking the results – open rates can only be tracked with HTML email.

Colors and graphics can be used and are important for creating a visual impact and especially important when you’re attempting to portray a brand image.

HTML emails allow you to make compelling and eye-catching marketing copy with integrated tracking applications.

It’s easier for the recipient to scan HTML emails.

Text links can be made clickable.

Can Track Opens.

Can Make Text Links Clickable.

Can Use Images and Colors – Good Branding Opportunities!

Easy to Break Up Content into Digestible Bits.


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