Aug 4, 2015

Advantages of using plain text emails

Advantages of using plain text emails:

Plain text email” means that only words are transmitted to the recipient, without any formatting information.

All email clients will display the plain text emails correctly so you know that the recipients will see what you see.

Plain text allows your subscribers to control the format of the email in their email readers, using the size and font that best suits their eyesight.

Plain text emails have never, ever contained a virus, or tracked if or when an email message was opened, or caused any security problems. This means your subscribers can trust you.

Plain text email is easy to compose, easy to send, easy to receive. You don’t have to waste your time trying to format an email for a zillion different incompatible email readers.

You can put webpage addresses like: in plain text messages and these links will be clickable, allowing the recipient to immediately jump to the specified web page.

Text is cleaner and leaner, and looks more like emails that we send to each other everyday. It’s stick-and-move marketing, simple jabs that get the job done.

Looks more like a personal message.

Blackberries handle plain text much better than HTML email.

Displays Consistently Across Email Clients.

Always Necessary for All Messages (whether you use HTML or not).

Looks More Like a Personal Email Message.


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