Aug 4, 2015

Disadvantages of using HTML emails

Disadvantages of using HTML emails:

Some email clients are text-only (but these tend to be the really old ones), therefore your HTML email will be displayed as code, making it illegible for the recipient. That is why you MUST send multi part email messages (HTML email and Plain Text email – this way the email client will accept the version it can render).

Images are often blocked, thereby removing some of the visual advantage of HTML emails and will also affect the open rate (we only know an email has been opened when the images are downloaded from the server).

HTML packs more punches. It’ll hit you with crosses, hooks and uppercuts in addition to the simple jabs that text offers.

HTML email bogs down email.

HTML email takes longer to download and takes up more disk space.

HTML is meant for web pages - not email.

HTML email may look wonderful on your computer, but on the recipient's computer it could look very bad and be unreadable.

Most HTML email writers add in font types and sizes to the message. Differences between your system and the recipient's system can change the layout, font type and size of the message the recipient sees. This means your carefully constructed HTML email masterpiece looks nothing like you think it does on the recipient's system.

HTML Email can be downright dangerous to your system. Some HTML email programs preview the first part of an email message. If there is malicious code written in the beginning of an HTML email, it will be run automatically. This may dump a new virus on your system that your virus checker may not catch.

The main downside to HTML mail is that not everyone will be able to read your messages. Or they may be able to read portions of it but the message will look distorted with certain elements missing.

Many mobile devices cannot display HTML properly. Since many people are now reading their email from their smartphones, this is an important consideration.

Takes Longer than Text – and You Have to Do Text Anyway.

Images are Often Blocked.

Looks Less Like a One-to-One Message.


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