Aug 4, 2015

Disadvantages of using plain text emails

Disadvantages of using plain text emails:

First and foremost, plain text email cannot display hyperlinks, which means that an entire URL must be added to ensure that a recipient can copy and paste the link to a browser. It is true that some email clients will create the hyperlink once the email is open, but this is not always the case. Here are a few other drawbacks to text-only email.

You cannot track open rates in Plain text emails.

Colours and graphics can’t be used, which means that the email will lack visual impact.

People scan emails, which is harder to do with text-only emails.

Can’t use Colors or Graphics.

No formatting options.

Individuals words cannot be hyperlinked.

Can’t turn words like “Click Here” into Links – must type out URL.

Harder to Break Up Into Easy-to-Scan/Read Sections.

Can’t Use Multiple-Column Formats Easily.

Limited Click Thru Rate tracking.

Message may not be as powerful in plain text format.

Cannot cloak hyperlinks.

The last point above deserves some attention because even though you cannot track open rates, you can add clickable tracking to plain text email. Though this is not the same as an open rate, a person who clicks through to a link will have necessarily opened the email.


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