Aug 2, 2015

How to ADD SEO Meta Tags in Blogger

ADD SEO Meta Tags in Blogger:

To attract more visitors and potential clients, your blog needs to appear in search results when Internet users enter appropriate keywords. Blogspot blogs offer HTML editing so you can insert a “meta” keyword tag directly into the blog’s code. Adding a keyword tag is one way to help search engines categorize your blog’s content and can be part of your search engine optimization strategy. The keyword tag tells search engine robots the words and phrases that are relevant to your blog.

You can put SEO Meta tags in Blogger template for better ranking in search engine with follow easy steps.

Step 1. Login to Blogger > Go to Dashboard > Template > Edit Html

Step 2. Go to <head> section in Template. You can search this from Ctrl+F

Step 3. After <head> section put following code in your template.

    <!-- Meta Tags ~ -->
     <meta content='Your Blog Description' name='description'/>
     <meta content='Keyword1,Keyword2,Keyword3, Keyword4, Keyword5' name='keywords'/>
     <meta content='Author Name' name='Author'/>
     <meta content='Author Email Address' name='Email'/>
     <meta content='all' name='robots'/>
     <meta content='index, follow' name='robots'/>
     <meta content='Language Name' name='language'/>
     <meta content='Country Name' name='country'/>
     <meta content='blogger' name='generator'/>
    <!-- /Meta Tags ~ -->

Step 4. Change original data to demo data as you need.

Step 5. Save your template and Go to your blog, And now you could view your blog and check your meta tags, description and keyword at the page source.

***Go to your blog > In your browser, click right button in your mouse > click View Page Source.

All is done.


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