Aug 4, 2015

What does html email mean?

HTML Email:

Email marketers generally don't debate which format is better. HTML email converts better in marketing tests almost every time. However, there are some factors you should consider before deciding which email format to use. Ultimately, there's a solution to getting the best part of both worlds.

HTML emails are like web pages. If you open your html email you will see the images, colored font and links. Unless you change your email client settings to display html emails, they don't display this html. This html code is displayed as raw html like you see the source of a web page.

HTML started as the way to describe how web pages should look. It includes ways to specify formatting, colors, positioning, and some amount of layout. As email became more popular, people started wanting to make their messages “look” as nice as they felt web pages looked. They wanted that formatting, the ability to put in pictures and the like.

Here’s an example:

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HTML email is an email that is formatted like a web page, using colors, graphics, table columns and links. Imagine any newsletter that you receive from a service. That's most likely what HTML email looks like.

Most graphical email clients support HTML email and many default to it.


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