Sep 12, 2015

How To Create Facebook Account using Gmail

Create Facebook Account using Gmail:

If you are new and create a social media account, So, this for you. In Social Media, There are huge sites for you, but in this time Facebook is the best way to communicate with friends and relatives.

So, Now I show you How can you create your Social account in Facebook using a new gmail account.

You just go to Gmail, and click Create a new account button, and just fill up the form, and click Next Step button.
Now you see a pop window for verify your mobile number, here you put the code that send by google in your mobile, and click continue.
And then you see a welcome message with your gmail address, here you just click “continue to gmail” button to open your gmail account.
Now, you want to go Facebook, and fill up the Sign Up form, and click “Sign Up” button bellow.
Your Facebook account are created, Now you just skip the 1st step by clicking “Next” and then “Skip Step” button(because you can do it next time).

But on 2nd step you can set your profile picture by clicking “add Picture”(its added picture from your computer/laptop/mobile), or “Take A Photo”(Its added picture to take a picture with your webcam).And click “Next”.
Now is the most important click. After finished the 2nd step, you see your home page in your facebook account, but on the top of your home page you will see a notification from facebook, here you see three options for complete the sign up process, you click “confirm now” button to confirm your gmail account(because you just open your gmail account and that account is open in other tab).
After click  “confirm now” button a popup window open, here you click “Allow” button to confirm your gmail account.
Now, by clicking “OK” button you finished your job.
For manage your account you can edit your account by click “Edit Profile”.

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