Oct 24, 2015

1 simple way to use instagram on your PC.

There are many and various Social sites to share your thinking, also to communicate to your relatives, friends and so.........

And also have many ways to share your pictures or your photographs. I’m not here to show you what are Social media sites mean or how to use.

I hope you have an instagram account, but you did not use it without your smart phone.

I’m here to share with you a very simple way to use instagram on your PC.

I hope you know that there is only one way to use instagram, and that is with your smart phone, but if you have not any smart phone that support instagram, You are not able to use instagram.

No Dear, this is not true. You can start your instagram without any smart phone. You will share your any photographs in instagram with your PC.

So Dear, If you have no any instagram supported smart phone don’t worry. Start sharing your photographs in instagram.

What need to do!

Choose your gramblr app from here and start to share your photographs, Its easy and also a great sinple way.


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