Oct 25, 2015

How can change my blogger template

Happy Blogging
If you’ve your own blog/web site/sites, you can choose your sites template by defaults, but on that you can find some restrictions. So you may need to customize your site.

Yes, dear. You can do it. Its not so hard. Now on this post I will show you how can you change your sites template.

Late  starts.

1.  At first you want to collect your chosen template. Don’t worry, google is the master key. Go to google, and write like “best blogger templates free download”, and choose your template, and download it.

2.  Now you may want to zipped it. And follow this some simple stapes.
Click Extract To button
Choose location and click OK button
3.1) Go to your Blogger dashboard.

3.2) Next to the gray Post List icon, click the drop-down menu and select Template.
Select Template button and click it
3.3) Now at first Before editing your template, you want to save a copy of you previous template.

Click Backup/Restore button to save previous template
Click Download Full template
Now see this pictures that attach below to complete your changes
Click View blog to see your new template
Thats all done, Now you see your new template.

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